HOA Assessments

HOA Assessments pay for the following expenses:

  • Operating and upkeep of common areas including landscaping, pool, fences and entrance monument
  • Liability insurance for the common areas
  • Property taxes for the common areas
  • Legal fees
  • Special projects

Assessment Amount

The assessment is currently $400 per year. Statements are mailed out in December. Payment is due by January 31.

Annual Dues Letter and Assessment Invoice

HOA dues form is sent out along with the annual meeting minutes in December via mail. From there, the deadline to submit dues is the end of the following month, January. If a homeowner(s) is late in returning their dues, penalty and late fees will be assessed following the Code of Regulations.

Lien/Nonpayment: All dues and assessments arising under this Code of Regulations, which are not paid on a timely basis, will be handled in the following manner:

  • 10% penalty assessed if payment received after January 31
  • 25% penalty assessed if payment received after February 28
  • 50% penalty assessed if payment received after March 31
  • 100% penalty assess if payment received after April 30

Owner’s name and address will be published in the Newsletter if payment is not received by April 30.

All dues and assessments not paid by April 30 constitute a lien upon said lot. The lien shall attach from its due date and will be filed with the Record of Clermont, Ohio. The notice of non-payment of assessment shall contain a description of the lot, the name of the lot owner(s) and the amount of unpaid assessment and penalty.  Such lien shall remain valid for a period of time as provided by Ohio law, unless sooner released or satisfied in the same manner proposed by law for the release and satisfaction of mortgages in real property of discharged by the final judgment or order of a court of competent jurisdiction in an action brought to discharge such lien. Lot owners upon which a lien has been placed are responsible for all legal fees associated with the lien.